The eco-friendly sustainable carton water

A packaging made of recyclable and recycled plant materials

Drinkyz offers you an exclusive Tetratop water produced in France with your colors

Made of 100% renewable material, the cardboard brick offers an essential means of expression for a total visibility within the framework of an ecoresponsible approach with a natural water produced in the heart of the Pyrenees.

The package is composed of 88% vegetable matter and made from biobased cardboard.

The TETRA TOP brick is a renewable packaging with low carbon impact.

The bottle neck and the cap are made of sugarcane derivatives allowing them to be recycled separately.

You can promote your brand with a sustainable and innovative fully branded packaging.


  • 88% of raw materials from vegetable origin
  • Traceable and certified raw materials for each package
  • Bonsucro certified plant-based plastic
  • Only 8% of plastic of fossil origin

Low carbon footprint:

  • -45% CO2 emissions compared to PET
  • Improved carbon impact through the integration of plant-based materials of plant origin

Circular economy :

  • Recyclable in the existing industry
  • Recycling rate of bricks in France: 57%

*Products bearing the FSC Mixed label are made from a mixture of fibers from different origins:

  • At least 70% of the fiber is from FSC certified forests.
  • No more than 30% recycled fiber and/or Controlled Wood.

Minimum quantity : 23 000 units