Specialist of advertising drink

Customized drinks with your company colors

An expert in bespoke promotional drinks, Drinkyz allows companies to create and personalize their own drinks.
Want to personalize your drinks? Drinkyz makes it easy!

Send us your logo or use our designer to create you advertising drink. Personalized water bottles in carton or recyclable PET to boost your brand image. Advertising energy drink cans to boost your communication. Organic fruit juices in your colors to accompany your events.

Sodas, iced teas or other branded drinks for an original marketing strategy.

With Drinkyz everything about promoting your design around any drinks is at your disposal.

Drinkyz makes an everyday item into a striking and effective communication tool in your colors. The prices are attractive and adapted to your needs.

You can promote your events, your brand or your establishment wherever you are in Europe.

This powerful strategic medium is a real asset when it comes to gaining an edge over the competition. It is the ideal blank canvas where brands can fully promote their style, values and image.

Place your trust in Drinkyz and customize your bottles and cans with your logo in your chosen colors!

Our designer is at your disposal to create a personalized label for your promotional drink according to your visual identity, your needs or your communication platform.

Like many customers in all sectors, trust Drinkyz to personalize bottles, cartons or cans with your colors!

We guarantee you full quality of service and products.