A modern marketing solution

Turn an every-day element into a powerful communication tool, at an attractive price, to promote events, brands, or places.

This successful tactical media will not only help you get ahead of the competition, but it will also become a place to express your style, values and brand image.



We advise on and create powerful brands visual identities, according to the company’s position, its targets and the markets it wants to tap into. Most of our renowned clients are based in French and European markets.


Bottling units

With our expertise on beverage development, we work with a number of bottling units to offer solutions to our clients according to their packaging choice, the beverages developed, and the areas targeted.

Our suppliers/partners are renowned for the quality of their services and for their flexibility regarding our clients’ orders.



Storing warehouses are at our clients’ disposal in a number of European cities. We handle supplying, storing, and delivery. Clients can concentrate on marketing their products, while leveraging our centralized platform.



We provide storing space for our clients, and deliver our products simultaneously to a number of places in Europe, at the rate needed to complete the order. We manage our clients’ beverage stocks according to their needs, over a determined period of time. Here at Drinkyz, logistics rime with simplicity.



Private-label water bottles, an extremely successful tactical media, will increase your visibility and will help you reach qualified customers and prospects. With our partners, we elaborate and execute distribution operations for your private-labelled water bottles in public areas and near freeways, as well as in specific retail outlets. We also organise games and competitions on the theme of the beverage, that are linked to a website created by our team just for the event.