Fruits & veggies cold-pressed juices

Drinkyz offers you the exclusive opportunity to create your own fruits & vegetables cold-pressed juices made in France for your events, places or communication actions.

Cold-pressed beverages made in France

We create a beverage based on existing bases that will suit your needs. Offer your customers or prospects the freshness of a cold-pressed and made in France juice.


An innovative and unique production technology in France

We use a cold-pressed technic. This technology brings a perfect conservation of the textures micronutients, colours and flavours of the raw fruits & vegetables. The cold-pressed technology also helps keeping the molecules and active enzymes. The product remains raw, without oxydation and preserves the fibres

The high pressure stabilisation simply provides an increasing of the shelf-life.

Our benefits : Pressing and filtering with fibre level control, without oxydation and a high colour preservations. Perfect control of the process. Innovating despite of its complexity. Perfect control of the product development (detox juices, vegetables juices, fruits & vegetables fruits)